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Bitkub Warmly Welcomes our 100th Employee

Bitkub was founded on the aspiration of making digital currency available to millions of people. We wanted to reshape how financial transactions are managed (incomprehensible pricing structures and delays) and create a secure, near real-time value transfer as fast, cheap and global as sending an email. We had skeptics everywhere saying that our goals were impossible. To date, we take pride in what Bitkub has become: the largest and most trusted cryptocurrency exchange in Thailand.

As a company, we’ve grown at an incredible scale. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by an amazingly talented and diverse team. Importantly, we have just welcomed our 100th employees. This is a key milestone for us as a company. Apart from the market cap, the number of employees is an interesting indicator of a company’s potential. Bitkub has just entered its third fruitful year, and now we are 100 people strong.

People want change

Traditional financial services have been broken for a long time, and the positive customer feedback and responses give us full confidence that we can do things differently. Majority of the Thai population has been underserved by their financial institutions (lengthy clarification periods and expensive fees) which is apparent from the thousands of accounts opened with Bitkub every day. We are entering a new fintech era where digital currencies are proliferating. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been touted as the future of money, with Blockchain as its groundbreaking underlying technology. We are on our journey to digitize and foster truly borderless and global transactions may it be for currency, assets or anything of value. Similar to the internet, we will go through a pivotal period of transformation. Bitkub stands as a top-tier digital asset exchange in the Thai cryptocurrency and blockchain space; and will keep on thriving to leave an impression that defines us.

Great Minds Think Alike

The financial services sector in Thailand is facing an unprecedented change and fintech players are jostling for their place in the market. Roadblocks that undermine new entrants of Thai FinTech players’ include: high barriers to entry, fierce competition and archaic infrastructure. The key is to secure a pipeline of talents who think alike that can create an environment that retains high-caliber services, and build products that fit the market.

Win the market

In the Internet Century, customer expectations are high and competition is fierce. Bitkub embraces the fact that tough competitions allow us to develop the best products and services. As an undisputed leader in the industry, Bitkub currently accounts for more than 95% of all cryptocurrency transactions and activities in Thailand. We aim to build a competitive advantage by allowing a transparent, seamless and secure transaction of users’ digital assets. Positive customer feedback and responses have inspired our moments of profound changes - to create a valuable impact and a difference that matters. Your confidence in us strengthens our purpose.

Be the Change

The pace of change will likely accelerate, fueled in large part by technological transformations such as blockchain. In the past, the internet has succeeded by forever changing the way we send data, voice and video. But the missing piece has always been secure asset transfer. With the blockchain, every payment or value transfer in the world will be as fast, cheap and global as sending an email. Bitkub has a strong ambition to reach millions of people in Thailand, with a better way to manage and transact their digital assets. We believe the world is changing and we are on the front lines of this groundbreaking evolution.

See how our purpose might serve yours The traditional financial market is adapting to the crypto economy - now is the best time to take action and start your career with us! Should you be interested in a unique career journey to accelerate your ambition, please feel free to visit for more information about Bitkub’s open roles.

Topp Founder and Group CEO of Bitkub

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