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Bitkub: Hiring A-players

Jot down the last three digits of your contact number. Now, guess when the Grand Palace was built. Unless you happen to know the correct answer, it is quite likely that your estimate of date (higher or lower number) will be influenced by the previous piece of information concerning your contact number. Similar to some recruiters who make a judgment during the first three minutes then fail to adjust as the interview progresses and new information emerges.

Does your impact make a difference?

In light of seeking the most from your employees, recruitment of individuals who have the potential to create the greatest contribution is a crucial factor. Considering leadership and management, if a company does not recruit people with the best skill set and cultural fit along with aptitude, it is always going to be an uphill struggle to handle them day to day.

The ratio of task accomplishment of an average to an exceptional employee is 1 to 5 (1:5). A small number of team A players can outperform a huge team of B and C players - quality over quantity. Is your team comprised of A players? Or are they B and C players? A players are motivated, engaged and creative. They are performance-driven and have high expectations for themselves and for others. On the other hand, B and C players often do just enough to get by and to be paid for it.

To take Bitkub's customers support duties as an example: Doing the Basics

*Responds to customer/client's queries

*Does assigned tasks each day

Being Proactive

In addition to the basics listed:

*Active communication with the customers - with an acknowledgment and assurance of safety, security and delivery of high-end services - coupled with empathy for an excellent customer service

A-Player Performance

In addition to those listed above:

*Leverage the company’s existing systems to further automate the management process

*Provides confidence with regard to actions taken/issue resolution *Does an extra mile

The question then becomes: How do you hire A-players?

Bitkub’s ability to adapt independently to change is its greatest competitive advantage. We constantly reinvent our organizational formula to drive sustained performance now and in the future. Bitkub implements a robust recruitment process. Quality improvement of hiring skills result to:

  • Increased employee performance and productivity;

  • Increased employee engagement and;

  • Increased employee retention.

If you start to think about recruiting only after a position has opened up, you have already lost. Don’t just fill empty roles. Define the team you need to achieve your goals, then work constantly to put that team in place. Hiring A-players is an ongoing commitment to creating a team that achieves superior results.

Having a recruitment process in place adds structure to the hiring process:

  • It shows the actionable steps for conducting your recruitment process from start to finish and ensures that you have all the tools and resources in place for each step of the process and;

  • It ensures that you don’t skip any vital steps in the recruitment process.

For example, as part of our recruitment process - when we decide on whether to hire a candidate, we advice the hiring panel members to make sure that these conditions are met:

  1. Did you leave the interview more inspired?

  2. Is the candidate interviewed better than you in at least one area?

  3. Did you learn something useful from the candidate during the interview?

  4. Would this candidate begin to add values right away as soon as he/she join?

  5. Is the candidate an A player? Would he/she raise the average hiring bar up for bitkub?

  6. Will the candidate make everyone’s Mondays something more or less to look forward to?

Skill Set refers to the technical skills which are explicitly stated credentials in resumés. No matter your organization’s current size, you need people who possess the hard and soft skills necessary to do a specific job. They must be proactive, willing to take ownership of their work, and able to think independently. Is he/she putting in place the right architecture to drive key performance measures?

Cultural Fit is a core characteristic of an individual. Is he/she a solution-oriented person? Are his/her behavior and mindset aligned to the Bitkub’s core values? Is he/she driving desired client/customer experience? Is he/she focused on realizing purpose?

Aptitude is a subjective measurement of potential. The process can be challenging if the people who got our business to where it is today are incapable of taking it to the next level. They may be perfectly competent at doing the process, but they won’t be able to evolve past that. Does he/she overcome resistance to change? Is he/she ready to scale methods in order to transform how employees work together? Is he/she enabling effective collaboration?

Bitkub meets at the intersection of skill set, cultural fit and aptitude.

I am convinced that most people are not committed to recruiting because they believe that hiring great people is risky and uncertain. But hiring doesn’t have to be a roll of the dice. While you can never eliminate all of the risk, there are certainly steps you can take that will result in bringing more A-players into your company.

It is easy to do a job reasonably well. Can you do it extraordinarily well? Let’s talk -

Topp Founder and Group CEO of Bitkub

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