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Readiness and Resilience: Remaining True to Our Purpose Amidst Crisis

To our Bitkub Community,

As Thailand, along with other countries around the globe, witness the significant momentum of the outbreak, consumer and business behavior generally remains subdued and interruption of varying degrees is experienced. While we all hope for this to be a temporary situation, people are still in distress.

This global crisis truly speaks about our holistic response under tight timelines; how we place a greater focus on valuable outcomes and; how we stabilize and harness constraints of volatile conditions to spark development.

The rise of COVID-19 virus has led businesses to consider (or in most cases, reconsider) their own preparedness measures - increase corporate resilience; ensure internal management and community well-being; embrace virtual collaboration tools and practices, to name a few.

Bitkub has adopted work practices to sustain operations and quickly respond to the demands of navigating COVID-19. Our work experiences are supported by an ecosystem of virtual resources, technology and behavioral norms that define work as a thing that we do rather than a place we go.

With this perspective, we would like to share our implemented actions in this dynamic environment to ensure workforces’ safety while staying connected and productive. Most importantly, to forge stronger relationships and bonds with our customers.

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Songkran postponed, Buriram enters a state of lockdown

13th to 15th of April are no longer declared as official holidays. Meanwhile, the province of Buriram is in self quarantine for 14 days. The public has also been urged to avoid exposure to huge crowds or gatherings.

Bitkub’s Responses: We coordinate efforts across the management and monitor relevant health/travel and regulatory updates. This way, we can effectively assess market and financial impacts and risks in order to access the aftermath of changes on profitability/investment and develop contingency plans to mitigate them. An agile mindset is our norm.


Work from home: an advantage before, a necessity now

While public transportation and shopping centers remain operational, some night clubs, movie theaters and gyms have voluntarily closed. Thai universities opt to online classes. In Pattaya, all entertainment venues will be closed until the 31st of March.

Bitkub’s Responses: We expand virtual work capabilities by maximizing available tools (30 applications) and best practices to support collaboration, productivity and culture continuity. We will develop a long-term digital vision for the company and constantly learn tools, systems and practices necessary to support upskilling needed across the workforce.

The shared responsibilities of employees and managers, coupled with effective leadership, as well as clearly defined deliverables is imperative for WFH’s success.

Implemented precautionary measures

  • Work-issued laptops were brought home to ensure that the quality of work won't be compromised

  • Distributed washable masks for added safety

  • Intensive and regular workplace sanitation

  • Emergency loan program offered/provided to employees

Setting up remote work for teams

  • Team leaders review and update members’ responsibilities, ensuring the clarity of roles and objectives while working remotely (reachable, responsive and dependable)

  • Team members ensure open and consistent communication across departments, resolving potential conflict in an effective and timely manner. Basically, everyone is engaged.

  • Utilize relevant technology tools for collaboration

  • Team leaders discuss pain points - what’s going well and what to build further. Work outcomes are closely monitored

  • Create a concerted effort to invite, listen, and respond to varied perspectives

Embracing remote work for c-levels

  • Challenge the widespread perception that face-to-face encounter, presenteeism, or visibility in the office is equivalent to productivity performance

  • Provide immediate feedback if things do not go well; help prevent the development of unfavorable habits

  • Empathize with remote employees

  • Engage in continuous performance management

  • Proactively check-in with team leaders to provide and receive feedback through conference video or call

We understand the importance of keeping our platform up and running during this time. Rest assured, we are actively monitoring our services to ensure we meet our commitment to delivering consistent excellent services to our users. Our customer support channels remain open to address your concerns 24/7. Bitkub is here for you, like we have always been. Topp

Founder and Group CEO of Bitkub

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